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Q. Do I have to place my order through the website?
A. No, but we prefer that you do to insure accuracy.
Q. We've changed our mind and want to cancel the request. Can we stop the order?
A. Yes, if you contact us before the installation is completed. If we have already completed the installation the full fee is due. Remember the service we provide is our time.
Q. How do I know you received my order?
A. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you place your order.
Q. I have specific instructions for the installation. How do I do that?
A. Please enter any special instructions under the "Instructions" field on the order form
Q. When will my sign be installed?
A. Within 2 business days of the order date that it is cleared with Diggers Hotline. If not the installation is free (offer excludes holidays, inclement weather and commercial property installations)
Q. Do you inform the homeowner when you arrive at the property?
A. No, as we try to complete the installations as quickly as possible we cannot knock on each homeowners door. We advise the agent to contact the homeowner and let them know that a sign and post installer will be completing the installation.
Q. The homeowners only want the service done on a certain day. Can you do that?
A. We always try to comply with our clients requests, but we cannot guarantee service on any particular day
Q. Can you install a sign if there is snow on the ground?
A. Yes
Q. I have a particular spot where I and/or the property owner want the post installed. I would like to meet you there to show you. How can I schedule that?
A. Due to the number of installations on any given day and the different amounts of time it takes to complete installations, it is not possible to schedule an appointment to meet clients at the property at a particular time. The best way to insure we place the post where you would like it, is to place a marker. We suggest: 1. Stakes with ribbons. 2. Metal frames or directional arrows. If we are told to look for a marker on a property and there is no marker present, we will use our best judgment. We do this to avoid delay and to save you the cost of a trip fee.
Q. What happens to my riders when you remove the post?
A. You have 3 options (1) We can place them in our storage, (2) You can remove them prior to us removing the post, (3) We will remove them and place them on the side of the house or on the porch, carport, etc. for you to retrieve. We are not responsible for lost or stolen signs, riders, brochure holders, etc.
Q. When do I order my sign down?
A. When you aware of the closing of your home or if you are expiring the listing with your current agent.



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